Exclusive Interview with Karter “Sauce” Schult

You seriously cannot find this content anywhere else! We were able to have the one and only defensive machine, aka Karter Schult on the show for an exclusive interview with StallioNation hosts Champ, E-Rock, and P-Rex. We recap Week 2 against the Iron, talk improvements the team should look at making, and preview Week 3 for the Stallion’s first home game in Stallion history. Karter Schult gives some exclusive insight about who is potentially starting at QB Week 3, and you will get to know from his perspective the AAF and his role in this great, new league. Proud to be a Salt Lake Stallion fan. Here is to hoping we see Schult get a sack so he does the “rock the baby” dance.

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Thanks for listening! #FullSteedAhead

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